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1. LU Patent Register

General information about the LU patent register:

  • Coverage:

    · European patents

    · National patents

    · SPC's

  • Updating frequency: Daily
  • Availability of file inspection: Yes
  • URL to National patent register:
  • Availability of Deep linking to National Patent register from FRS: Yes


FRS data Data provided LU - Contents
1 Status Yes Legal status of EP patent could be one of the following:
- Application published: European patent (EP) application published at eRegister before grant by the EPO
- Patent surrendered: patent surrendered due to a request of grantee
- Patent revoked: patent revoked due to a request of grantee or due to an EBD event for the revocation of the European patent
-Patent lapsed: patent lapsed due to non-payment of an annual renewal fee
-Patent expired: patent expired after the end of "normal" lifetime
-Annulment requested: patent annulled due to a court decision or deleted due to an EBD event for the cancellation of publication of grant
2 Application No. Yes EP application number has 8 digits with "EP" prefix:
-Example : EP98108745
3 Publication No. Yes EP application number has 7 digits with "EP" prefix with leading 0s:
-Example : EP0886246
4 Proprietor Yes All current proprietors are listed.
5 Invalidation date Yes The invalidation date is the date when the decision on the invalidation was taken.
It can be the date of one of the following events:
-Patent revoked
-Patent lapsed
-Patent expired
-Patent surrendered
6 Not in force since Yes Same as the invalidation date
7 Renewal fees last paid Yes Payment date of the last annual renewal fee
8 Register last updated Yes 'Register last updated' is the date of the last update of the concrete record in the national patent register; however, this update can happen both for business (e.g. the data of the record were really changed) or technical reasons.
9 SPC No Deep-linking to the LU national patent office's SPC database is provided.


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