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Online filing at the Luxembourg Intellectual Property Office

The Luxembourg Intellectual Property Office (hereafter LU OPI) offers online services that allow you to create and to file patents electronically, as well as to create and send other patent-related documents electronically to the LU OPI.

The online services offered by the LU OPI use a software package developed by the European Patent Office (hereafter EPO) called "electronic On Line Filing" (eOLF) via a Luxembourg server as well as the smart cards issued by the EPO in order to ensure the security of online filing.

In this context, the LU OPI offers you the following online filing services:

  • the filing of a Luxembourg patent application;
  • the filing of documents produced after the filing of a Luxembourg patent application or the grant of a Luxembourg patent.

How to access the online filing services offered by the LU OPI

You can apply for the smartcard at the EPO.

You must activate the smartcard before use and then register at the LU OPI.

Read more about:

  • applying at the EPO
  • activating the smartcard
  • registering at the LU OPI (Note: this link only works with a properly connected and working smartcard.)

Follow the instructions from the EPO when you receive the smartcard.

After registering at the LU OPI, we would be grateful if you could respect the following steps:

  • Send an e-mail to to confirm your registration at the LU OPI;
  • LU OPI will then confirm the activation of your access in order to be able to carry out a test in "demo mode". If you are an agent, LU OPI will also send you your "Agent ID" which can be used in the eOLF interface;
  • After validation of the test in "demo mode", LU OPI will confirm the activation of your access in "production mode" for you to submit your applications.

The smartcard also gives you access to MyPage.

Do you still have questions?

  • If you have problems installing or using the software, please contact EPO.
  • If, after installing the update, you encounter any problems submitting applications or have questions about the LU OPI online services, you can contact the LU OPI Helpdesk (+352 247-84113 or
  • Further information on the "EPO Online Services" is available on the website of the EPO.


Access eFiling

Access eFiling at the EPO